Friday, September 3, 2010

Two awesome families, a sweet little girl, and one adorable baby!

Just wanted to share some photos from a few of my recent photo sessions.

This is the Wyckoff Family.
My Uncle Lance, his wife Juli, their 3 GORGEOUS daughters, Ashley, Kirsty and Maddi and their handsome son, Lance Jr. along with his brand new wife, Valerie. I got to take their family photos back in early August and they were so much fun! It's crazy to see my cousins all grown up now. I remember when most of them were born! Now they're attending high school, college, even married! They've all grown up to be absolutely beautiful and I really enjoyed taking their pictures!

Meet the Scott family. One of my favorite families to photograph because they're all so outgoing and always so much fun to photograph! There is never a dull moment with these guys!

This is sweet little Ava. I have been photographing Ava since she was only a few months old. I have to admit, I've had some bad luck taking Ava's photos in the past, it seemed like every time I'd pull the camera out, she'd begin to cry. Now, at 2 years old, I was finally able to get a whole session with nothing but smiles!

Ronan Magnus Clifford: With a name like that how could I not take his photo in a wooden crate that says "HERCULES" on it? Nothing more manly than that! I loved taking this little guy's pictures! He was sooooo good for me! I was worried because he was about 4-5 weeks old by the time we did this shoot and I usually like to get them in the first two weeks their born. But he was such an angel! I love his big blue eyes and red hair, and he has some pretty awesome parents too. :)

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