Tuesday, February 2, 2010

15 Reasons why I love my job

Here are some of the reasons I love my job, in no particular order...

#15: I get to work from home.

I don't have an office with a desk or cubicle that I have to sit at all day. When I'm shooting, I'm either in my studio or enjoying the great outdoors, and when I'm editing I get to do it from the comforts of my own home. (Usually in bed, with my dogs :) )

#14: I don't have to wake up to an alarm clock (usually)

Unless I have a shoot first thing in the morning, it is very rare that I have to set a time to wake
up. I typically get to make my own schedule and do things at my own pace.

#13: I don't have a boss

I do not have to report to anyone nor do I have anyone breathing down my neck or shouting orders at me. Sure, I have deadlines and clients to please, but my business is MY livelihood, I'm not working for someone else's success, and that is a great feeling.

#12: I get to be artistic and creative

I don't have a mindless job pushing buttons or filing papers, I have a job that allows me to be me. To have fun, think outside the box and be creative. I have a career that continuously challenges my way of thinking, with different angles, lighting and perspective. I get to express myself through my art and it is very liberating.

#11: I am constantly evolving

Photography is an ever growing industry that never stops evolving. I think back in the time of Ansel Adams and the masterpieces he created with such simple tools. Just think of what he could create today. This industry keeps me learning, growing and improving. No matter how much I know, I still have so much to learn. I will never know it all, therefore I can never stop progressing.

#10: It pays the bills
What could be better than doing something you love on a daily basis? Getting paid to do it! Yes, sure this is an obvious pro about my job, but when it really comes down to it, I could not be more grateful to have a job that I not only love and have a passion for, but that pays me enough money to be able to do it full time. I worked really hard to get to where I am and it is very rewarding to be paid for your talents. I appreciate those that support me and others in pursuing their dreams.

#9: I get to travel!

Not only do I get to shoot at cool places around Utah locally that I probably wouldn't have otherwise been to, but I have also had the privilege to shoot in Southern Utah in places such as Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef. I have also been blessed with the opportunities to shoot all over the country in place like Vegas and California as well as out of the country such as in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, and when I get to combine business with pleasure, there's really nothing better!

#8: I have an instant gift!

No, I'm not saying I'm gifted, but being a photographer sure does make birthdays, holidays and anniversaries that much easier! Photo shoots, and custom photo albums and cards make the best personalized gifts that are easy and still mean a lot. It also means I don't have to hire a professional to take photos of my kids when I have them, why pay someone to do something you can do yourself!? hehe

#7: I get to meet a lot of different people and see a lot of different things

Since I have been in this industry I have met a lot of really famous, influential and just down right cool people. I have also been able to experience and see a lot of cool thing. In the almost 4 years that I have been doing this, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with and photograph people like Glenn Beck, Dave Ramsey, Kathy Ireland, the Beach Boys, 311, Incubus, Depeche Mode, the current and former Miss Utah USAs and the current Miss Teen Utah USA as well as all the Miss Utah USA contestants. But the even more rewarding part is the brides, grooms, moms, dads, seniors, and babies that I meet on a daily basis. I have also photographed many different cultures, religions and races. I've shot Mormon Weddings, Jewish Weddings, Catholic Weddings, Polynesian Weddings, baptisms, blessings, renewing of vows, and even a 25th birthday party fully equipped with an authentic Mariachi band. I have been so blessed with so many awesome clients, many of whom I now call friends, and have been able to be a significant part of their lives.

#6: The Sky's the limit

Though I shoot mostly weddings and family portraits, I am not limited to those categories. Since becoming a professional photographer I have photographed houses, furniture, jewelry, clothing, pageants, concerts, Christmas parties, birthday parties, company parties, Galas, dances and benefits, baseball games, carnivals, and lectures. I've shot CEOs, actors, singers and models, animals, landscapes, and even plants. So no matter what situation I run across, or what someone's photography needs may be, there's usually a job for me.

#5: It's flexible

Something I am very happy about is that I will be able to be home with my children. When we start having kids, it will be so nice to have a career that allows me to work when I want to and be home with my kids instead of shipping them off to day care or leaving them with Grandma and Grandpa. So even though I'm not a parent yet, can I still claim this as a pro? I think so, it gives me something to look forward to!

#4: I never have a case of "The Mondays"

Every day is like a Friday to me, and when I have a shoot, I look forward to it. So I never find myself anxiously awaiting the weekend, or dreading the end of a Sunday.

#3: It's interesting

The wonderful world of photography is quite an intriguing one. I love that I have a job that has depth to it, it's fun and interesting and you can make it your own. There are so many endless possibilities with photography. The more you know and understand your camera, the more you can do with it. You can take the same photos a million times and have it come out different every time.

#2: I can do it here or there, I can do it anywhere!

My job is not limited to the boundaries in which I live. I can take photos right here in my home town, or on the other side of the country. If we ever move, I know that I can continue my photography business wherever we end up, and that is a very peaceful feeling.

#1: It's stands the test of time and money

One of the most beneficial and reassuring things I have come to learn about my job, is not only that I will be able to do it forever, but it has proven to be recession proof. (For the most part) Don't get me wrong, people's budget's have definitely tightened during this tough economy, but even during rough times, people are still going to move forward with their lives. They're still going to get married, celebrate birthdays, have babies, and throw parties. Those moments are still just as precious to them now as they were before and people still want their most precious memories captured forever. I cannot express what an honor it is to be one of the people that gets to be there to witness when two love birds say "I do", when a teen celebrates becoming an "adult", or new parents enjoying their newborn. And to get it all on film is the most rewarding part of all.

I truly am very passionate about what I do and how I do it. Photography is not just a means to an end for me, it is not just "an easy way to pay the bills" nor is it just something I do for fun. I take my job and my business very seriously and I have worked very hard to build my livelihood. The satisfaction I get from taking a beautiful photos, is nothing compared to the satisfaction of a happy customer. I cannot thank my clients, friends and family enough for helping me pursue and achieve my dream.

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