Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wedding Season

My favorite time of year, when everything FINALLY starts to thaw out, flowers begin blooming again and echoes of "I do" fill the air. With wedding season just around the corner I have been trying to once again prepare myself for the chaos. It's easy to get used to a lax schedule after the rush of the Holidays calms down and I get to enjoy my spare time a little more than usual during the "slow" season. (January through March) Last year in April and May I was shooting at least 4 to 5 times a week and during June, July and August, I found myself shooting just about every day and often had more than one shoot a day. While I do love the work and staying busy, I'm hoping this year I'll give myself a bit of a breather and schedule my shoots with a little more time in between, if of course, the job and the season allows for it. I just got done editing some bridals I shot about a week ago and thought I'd share some of them with everyone.

Meet Linda and Clay, a very outgoing couple that I have had a lot of fun photographing. They will be exchanging vows this Friday at the Lion House which will kick off what I hope to be another successful and enjoyable wedding season!


  1. Yeah you have a blog! It was sooo great to see you this past week. Good luck with your home!!!